Do Political Parties Really Serve Their Leaders?

Dave Rauschenfels
2 min readSep 7, 2023


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It all begins with the best of intentions, to fix a mistake in the world. A close friend of yours is aware of or knowledgeable of issues in the world. They join a political movement in an effort to correct this wrong in the world.

While it is generally accepted that people join causes because it serves their interests, I consider this to be misguided. People gravitate towards parties that share their sense of morality, or best markets a product that fits that morality.

Still people in their formative years can be reasoned with. They are open to political dialogs and arguments. You can reach a middle ground on a topic. But our pundits and leaders are not in the business of compromise. Not anymore.

All of the political stories are expressed in terms of an existential threat to the world itself. A world where voters are warriors fighting for the survival of the globe. Where anything less than supremacy is defeat.

For example,

Migrants are close to overrunning America!


Climate change will soon wreck the world!

I wish I was talking hyperbole, but we are living in a world of extremes. A place where not having an opinion is not allowed. You must have a strong opinion! Or you are stupid, a nazi, a stupid nazi. Or you are attacked as a strawman.

Hear me out.

Political leaders don’t think they are wrong.

So you support Hitler!

It is this level of fanaticism that is encouraged, if not celebrated by political parties. The loyal member, the soldier wanting to fight the cause. The one problem with being a warrior is that you are expendable for the cause, the party, and its leader.



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