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Rewarding work can be one of the hardest things to achieve in life, and I’ve known very few people who feel truly satisfied with their jobs. Technology workers are not immune, obviously. Many of us have worked with managers that treat us with all the respect of a robot, or they just assign impossible amounts of work and assume that you will get it done. I’ve certainly worked in offices with all the politics of Washington, and with supervisors that believe that screaming inspires hard work.

It should not be surprising that 70% of people are dissatisfied with their job. Many people play the lottery in a generally fruitless effort to get rich quick, and recently more savvy people have turned to Bitcoin mining. This could very well turn into another dead-end as it is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase anything with Bitcoin.

There might be another way, but it won’t be easy. You will have to master computers and mathematics. Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly important to supplementing our lives. It recommends songs and tracks your purchases. In the near future Artificial Intelligence will drive your car and cook your meals. Developers talented in it’s coding are routinely fetching million dollar paychecks these days from employers like Intel, Google, and Facebook.

Acquiring the skills necessary to create these new applications is another obstacle. Many schools don’t teach the skill yet, but it’s not very difficult to get started. UiPath, Blue Prism, and others are already providing development platforms. Workfusion could be the easiest platform to learn coding for Machine Learning. You only need to download RPA Application Interface to get started. The system is compatible with Windows.

The application works by observing repetitive actions on your computer. Machine Learning is in the category of Data Mining. You could begin by turning on the recorder and repeatedly performing a repeated action, like transforming excel data into a visual graph. Or maybe you want to teach your computer how to find the standard deviation in a set of data. The more samples you give the application, the better it works. You can also playback recordings to improve the quality of the inputs.

The application further provides the option of editing and re-recording any recording that is not of useful quality. You should expect to document hundreds and probably thousands of examples for the computer. You can also train the software to recognize images. Do you want to build a new security application that will recognize faces? You have the option of taking screenshots of your samples or importing images. The program is coded to average the images in an attempt at identifying the face or any other object of interest. After you have compiled useful data, you next need to program a variable for the control action. This variable could be as simple as a logical IF statement. You could instruct the computer to draw a visual graph the next time it encounters this type of information. Then you could train it to calculate the standard deviation. Once the program is finished, the algorithm can be published to the control tower.

These days learning goes both ways. Intelligent computers are increasingly becoming valuable to modern society. You can also raise your value by training for the skills that will be irreplaceable in the next decade. Work can be challenging and rewarding when you know you are irreplaceable.

Customer Engineer with a passion for AI Development and writing featured stories

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