Insecure Groom Hopes Wedding Makes It Into True Crime Podcast

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Los Angeles, California

When financial consultant Brian Stone proposed to his producer girlfriend Allison Anderson six months ago, he wanted the event to be special. He invited Allison to a baseball game and popped the question in front of the Jumbotron. He paid the stadium DJ to play “99 Problems” at full blast and he bought a rare pink diamond.

But with the ceremony only minutes away, Brian is anxious that his friends won’t find the ceremony memorable.

Allison insisted that they purchase a magnificent show and he did. To begin their ceremony they arranged for a band to gently play “Marry Me” as the guests arrive. Then after Allison accepts in her brilliant white dress as pricey as a quality used car, a hundred fireworks are waiting to burst high in the sky. To finish the ceremony, a white limo the size of a bus is waiting to whisk them to the reception.

But this is LA and these weddings are routine. The memorable events are even more over the top.

Brian and his bride Allison are fully aware of this trend. After they take their vows, the limo will take them to a ferry. The ferry will then carry the party to Cat Harbor on Catalina Island where the band Train will perform. They have also arranged endless steak, crab, and Champagne for their guests partying until it is a new day.

But Brian knows that few will remember their union a few months from now. The hour is late but he still needs something memorable. What if he skipped their meeting story and talked in graphic detail about how he lost his virginity to his favorite teacher in 9th grade? Or maybe he could pleasure Allison during the ceremony? But that is still lame, Kanye must have done it.

He really needs to raise his game for this wedding.

Today he listened to an intriguing true crime podcast about a husband that drove his cheating wife off a cliff in a stolen Hearse. It was trending on Spotify.

But could he make a memorable crime?

At the last report before the ceremony, Brian is considering dropping a speaker on his bride Allison.

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