Is Batman Conspiring With Joker?

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“Don’t talk like you’re one of them, you’re not! To them, you’re just a me!”

The Dark Knight

In the eighty years since Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson unleashed the Joker on Gotham, his antics have earned apotheosis as the archenemy of Batman. However the original Joker was to be a gag that died in Batman#1.


The editors had other plans, and nobody panics when things go according to plan! But what is their insane plan?

Batman: The Killing Joke

In The Killing Joke, our future prankster is an former chemical engineer and present time standup comedian. He is striving to support his pregnant wife Jeannie…poorly. Desperate for her respect, he agrees to help two criminals rob a playing card company next to a chemical plant dressed as Red Hood.

But the heist turns into a disaster. Jeannie dies unexpectedly and the criminals force him to play as Red Hood. Security then surrounds the criminals and a gunfight breaks out. They don’t make it. The criminals are shot and Batman corners Red Hood. With no escape, Red Hood jumps into the chemical waste.

Meanwhile the Joker has been sent to Arkham Asylum, and escaped. When we meet him again he shoots Barbara Gordon in the stomach in her apartment. Commissioner James Gordon is abducted.

When we meet James again, he is stripped naked and forced to ride in a funhouse painted with pictures of a nude and tormented Barbara. Meanwhile the Joker has invited Batman to the derelict amusement park.

The Joker is predictably defeated by Batman. Then they socialize.

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Batman: The Killing Joke

You can buy The Killing Joke on Amazon.

The Dark Knight Returns

In the beginning of The Dark Knight Returns, an apocalyptic crime wave has set in over Gotham. Batman is in retirement following the devastating death of James Todd at the hands of Joker ten-years prior. Crime is rampant, and “The Mutants” have recently decided to begin terrorizing the city again. Frustrated by these developments, Batman returns to service and rescues Carrie Kelly from an assault. Meanwhile Harvey Dent (Two-Face) reemerges and seizes control of a television station, ransoming the city to a bomb. Batman defeats Two-Face.

Meanwhile, Batman is at war with the Mutants. After years of retirement, he is not very sharp in combat despite his advanced weaponry and is seriously wounded. Carrie Kelly intervenes in a Robin costume, distracting the Mutants and permitting their escape. Batman immediately recruits Kelly and with the help of Gordon they defeat the Mutant leader.

Gordon then resigns and promotes Ellen Yindel to commissioner. Ellen immediately orders Batman’s arrest. At about the same time, the Joker awakens from a coma at Arkham Asylum. Joker manipulates his caretakers into allowing him on a television talk show, that he gases. With the backing of Selina Kyle (Catwoman), Batman confronts Joker at a fair and defeats him. The Joker then executes himself.

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The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns is available on Amazon.

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

In Arkham Asylum, the inmates have seized control of the asylum and are threatening to kill staff. At the request of Commissioner Gordon, Batman agrees to speak with them. The Joker is leading the inmates and threatens to harm a girl unless Batman plays a game.

The Joker forces Batman into a game of hide and seek, with the promise that no inmates will attack for an hour.

Ha..Ha..Ha. Instead Mad Hatter, Clayface, Scarecrow, and other villains attack. During a confrontation with Killer Croc, Batman is seriously injured before he spears Killer Croc.

Batman finally reaches the secret room and crosses Cavendish, the organizer of the riots. Cavendish is wearing a dress and threatening to kill Adams. Later it is revealed that the mother of Amadeus Arkham was tormented by supernatural Bats. Following her death Amadeus continued her work until his death in Arkham. Cavendish is determined to continue Amadeus’s work. In the following struggle Adams kills Cavendish.

Determined to end this derangement, Batman frees the inmates.

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Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum can be purchased on Amazon.

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