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Death Star Reactor

Jedi Mind Tricks To Succeed In Business

In Star Wars the Jedi Knights use mind games to manipulate and deceive their enemies. Their ruses have included psychic powers, extrasensory perception, and mental manipulation. The fans might call these Jedi Mind Tricks.

Setting aside the prose for a moment, the Death Stars of Star Wars aren’t science fiction. They could be constructed in theory by enclosing a Black Hole with mirrors and pumping in electromagnetic energy. The light is then amplified immensely by the Ergosphere until it could vaporize a planet. Disney Executives can reach me for the hard science spy thriller prequel to Rogue One.

Cut to the next movie trailer in two years.

But how do you develop the skills necessary to build such a magnificent machine for the big screen or in real life? You must have career ambitions for that or something else? You have ambitions, and you don’t need to see my identification. I said that you don’t need to see my identification.

It must have taken Grand Moff Tarkin years to build the management skills to lead Vader and his fleet. Luke Skywalker needed to be trained by two knights. You are probably in school for something, or you need to update your skills to stay competitive at your job.

Luckily for you, George Lucas figured that out in the original firm Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope. You must recall the Millennium Falcon’s brave escape from Mos Eisley. After the getaway, Obi-Wan began training Luke on the lightsaber with a droid. Many of you might recognize this as a game, and that is your mind trick. Education is fun when you are playing. It is also something that many forget after high school.

But where can a busy person like you get started? You must have some kids that don’t know about Star Wars? How ambitious are you?

You can’t really pull off many tricks without a firm knowledge of mathematics, and I know that you surely hated studying math in high school. College too. Yes I practice the Jedi arts! Things don’t have to be that way. You can sharpen your skills for free at

Playing parlor tricks can be fun. Programming a computer to perform a task can be awesome. The problem with algorithms is that they can be even more exasperating to master than math. I speak from experience. Fortunately things don’t have to be that way. Apple has transformed Swift coding into a game with their playgrounds.

When you do master algorithms, you will feel awesome. Today you can score many great jobs with this expertise. Perhaps even build the next amazing application. The problem with software is that it is static and unchangeable. You can’t improve it without extra coding and QA testing. The future is in Machine Learning. The bad news with Machine Learning is that it takes a lot of mathematical expertise to master. The good news is that today you can cheat with the new development kits. WorkFusion has released a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Express tool that can be taught to replicate any activity that you can accomplish on your Windows machine. The best part is that you can still practice your skills with games.

No training is complete without improving your social skills, and marketing your talents well without them is challenging. How To Talk To Anyone by Leil Lowndes is your cheat sheet to all your social conversations. Nobody gets to the top alone, and you will need all these social mind tricks to succeed. You can have all of the talents in the world and fail because you can’t communicate it.

Career advancement is all about the mastery of new tricks. War is too once you study the tricks of the Jedi Knights and Sun Tzu. You won’t get there unless you put in the work. The real Jedi Mind Tricks are to make work fun.

Customer Engineer with a passion for AI Development and writing featured stories

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