Ten Things To Remember When You Are Down

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Chaurasi Gumbad-from darkness to light

With the recent and tragic departure of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, I reckon that there might be some here that are considering a similar exit. I understand. It is the human condition to follow the crowd, both when you are cheerful and in despair. We all want to know that deep down inside we are not alone in the world.

With my extensive expertise as an occasional Medium contributor, I believe that you can treat mental illness with the same tricks used in engineering. You design your life for the worst that you can expect to experience. Before you put the bullets in the gun, take some time to put your life in perspective. Things can’t be as bad as they appear when you meditate on your darkest fears.

1️⃣ When I am personally disgraced, I will finally know who my true friends are.

2️⃣ When my career crashes, I can finally give up my prestigious job for more interesting and risky work.

3️⃣ When I am rejected, I will start to measure my beauty by my own standards.

4️⃣ When I fail, I will have gratitude for what I already have.

5️⃣ When I fail, I will acknowledge that it is all trivial when viwed by a cosmic 🌃 perspective.

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Creation of Light

6️⃣ The next time my life breaks down, I will acknowledge that all life is messy and flawed.

7️⃣ When I next fail, I can hope that it can be a lesson for others.

8️⃣ When I next fail, I will know that my troubles are trivial. I can begin again.

9️⃣ When my dreams of fame and fortune turn to shit, I will learn that

1️⃣ 0️⃣ When my darkest day arrives, I will find a therapist to counsel me about my troubles.

✏️ Did I miss anything?

Customer Engineer with a passion for AI Development and writing featured stories Drauschenfels@gmx.com

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