The Best PDF Editors of 2019

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Today you can find the Portable Document Format (PDF) file everywhere. The software was originally built by Adobe in the 1990s as a format for sharing texts and images independent of the client’s operating system. However with the widespread success of the PDF file, editing and updating these documents has become a real problem. One option is Microsoft Word, but I’ve had problems with distorted graphics. The second option is Google Docs, however I have had problems with misplaced graphics.

I have recently come into possession of two applications for editing PDF documents and these are my impressions.


PDFelement 6 Pro

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PDFelement homepage

The PDF element application opens to a very clean homepage. Inside the homepage you can choose to edit, merge, convert, or create a PDF with a single click. For best results, I began by opening a file on the left pane. Immediately after opening the file, you are presented with twelve editing options. Four options are hidden in the pull down menu More. With these tools you can add, remove or adjust text. Insert text boxes, add shapes, signatures, or watermarks. You also have the option of inserting comments into the document.

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PDFelement bar

PDFelement is beautifully designed to function with only the click of the mouse. Just like with the iPhone that preceded it, no user manual is required to begin. You can import your PDF file and get started editing with only a click. You can also choose from nine different file formats. I should add that as an independent writer this flexibility is indispensable.


The PDFelement presents a very clean easy to use interface. You don’t need to be an expert graphic designer to launch a document and modify it. The application is neatly built for almost anyone to use with entry-level computer skills. I’d recommend the product to freelancers and small business owners that need to repeatedly and reliably edit PDF documents for their enterprise.

The application can be downloaded freely at PDFelement by Wondershare. You can also get some discount with your purchase.

Runner Up

PDF Expert

The PDF Expert application opens into another clean interface. Inside the homepage it is immediately evident that you have fewer editing options. Just as with the PDFelement app, you can easily modify text. It is not visible, but there is an annotation tool above. This tool is highlighted with the opening of a PDF file. With this annotation tool you can readily change the style of text, insert shapes, comments, stamps, or signatures.

The PDF Expert is also easy to use. My singular complaint with its otherwise clean design is that many of its tools are hidden. You have to select either the Annotate tool or the Edit to view all of your options. Once you are in the window the tools are accessible and easy to use. Its lack of file conversion tools is its greatest drawback.


The PDF Expert offers all of the same essential editing tools as the PDFelement. If editing PDF documents is your only concern, then this application should fill your needs. You have the option of inserting text boxes, graphics, links, stamps, and even signature boxes. The application also sells the option of opening and modifying various document types.

However, there is an important difference between the two applications. I couldn’t identify a tool for converting file types. Earlier in this story I complained over how annoying it can be to convert file types. Using this application I am still compelled to use Docs or Word to convert file types. This can be exasperating because these tools can distort carefully crafted images.

The application PDF Expert can be downloaded for a free trial.


The PDFelement is your best pick for a PDF editor because it provides the most versatile array of editing tools and very importantly the ability to convert file types. You can even download it for your iOS and Android device. While the PDF Expert application is still good, it can’t effortlessly convert documents. If you never need to convert file types, then the PDF Expert should suite you fine. If you need the complete package then PDFelement is your only choice and can be purchased with these options.

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