Arya Stark
Arya Stark

This is a steamy tale of Arya meeting Joffrey at King’s Landing.

Thick clouds rose high above Kings Landing and obscured the setting sun. It made the city look like a Wildfire firestorm. When Arya Stark was finished, it would be……metaphorically speaking. At the moment she was finishing her red wine. Across from her was Fredrick, a very gullible knight that she promised a blowjob and free sweet red wine to in exchange for a copper. At the moment he was preoccupied with vomiting. You know some guys just can’t hold their arsenic.

When he was dead, Arya confidently compensated his uniform and took extreme care to remove any creases. With extra care she applied the mask of a centuries long dead nobleman. Everything needed to be perfect for her reunion with King Joffrey. The House of Black and White was paying her fat stacks of coin for this adventure, but she would have done it for free. Joffery knows why.

When Arya arrived at the Red Keep, the guards just waved her in. She was handsome in Fredrick’s jet black doublet. With more confidence that she’d known in her life she climbed the stairs to the Iron Throne. Along the way the guards and nobleman greeted her and shook her hand with glee.

When Arya arrived in the throne room, Joffrey was hard at work plotting an attack on Mistwood with his generals. To bad that the attack would never occur after tonight. Arya had many enemies in the region. Their death would be hysterical.

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King Joffrey

Arya decided to casually join Joffrey and the generals in their discussion. Joffrey was occupied with organizing a Wildfire attack to burn the city to the ground, innovative! It would be awesome to be in Joffrey’s position when the fire rains down.

Arya snapper herself back to the moment. She had a job to do for the House and her own dignity. Luckily for her there was a pitcher of wine sitting next to Joffrey along with some slices of roasted boar in gravy.

Slowly she advanced towards the front row of nobleman deep in animated discussion. They were fascinated by the expected death count.

Add one more! She gently touched a golden band around her wrist to release the copper capsule.

Slowly she advanced again. Joffrey was demanding that the Wildfire be tossed into the city on drums. Then with a gentle flick of her wrist, she tossed the tiny copper pill into the wine.

“Your majesty!”

With a thud, someone sliced the pitcher apart with a sword. Arya pulled her sword and swung at Joffrey. Someone else blocked her. She then jumped over the table shattering it and swung her sword, slicing open a nobleman’s face. The next man struck from behind. She swung around and sliced open his stomach. Then two more nobleman came at her with swords. Arya ripped an oil lamp off the wall and throw it at them in a burst of flames. Narrowly avoiding the fire, the last nobleman struck the sword from her hand. Then she felt a hard smack.

When Arya awoke, she was being painfully held by two knights. Her mask was gone

“How dare you Arya!”

Joffrey pulled a dagger from his throne and with glee pressed the blade against Arya’s flesh. Then with a sharp tear he ran the blade down to her feet and Arya felt the awkward coldness of nudity.

“Ha, well Arya. You really are a princess!”

Arya struggled against her restraints in vain while the guards laughed.

Joffery turned red with excitement and forcefully pinched her nipple with glee. Arya winched in pain and shot back a face of fury. Then she felt something unexpected, a wave of warmth and pleasure. Joffery squeezed her breasts again and Arya felt an explosion of pleasure deep inside.

“You’re a real woman Arya. To bad you are going to hang for this!” said Joffery smiling. He squeezed her ass for the last time and walked away.

“Guards, execute Arya immediately!”

“Yes, my king,” replied the guards in unison. Then they pulled her away and Arya fought against her guards to no effect like a puppet on a string. Yet she still felt a warm glow inside her.

“Hey Joffery, do you want me?”


The guards froze.

“You still can.”

With a moment of hesitation, “bring her here!”

Arya stared briefly in Joffery’s eyes, exciting him further.

“Release her! Keep your swords drawn!”

Arya nearly collapsed like a puppet with its strings cut. Then she stood up tall and proud.

“You can have as much of me as you can handle!”

Without asking, Arya sat down in Joffrey’s lap and laid a wet kiss on his lips. Joffrey came alive and returned the wet kiss. Then he squeezed her ass firmly and pulled Arya close. They continued to kiss and Joffrey got to work exploring all the textures of her body. Joffrey slowly massaged her butt before advancing over to her front. With each rub Arya felt euphoric waves of pleasure wash over her like an ocean wave. Then Joffrey rubbed her pussy and the pleasure became an explosion.

Joffrey continued to gently kiss Arya while his staff watched. He then reached up and aggressively grabbed at her breasts until Arya felt like she was going to explode. She grabbed at his pants and ripped them off. He was already as hard as a stone. Arya seized his dense cock and rubbed it aggressively like she wanted to start a fire. Joffrey pulsated in her hands. Arya then pulled off his yellow doublet and ripped it off.

Joffery grabbed her ass and pushed Arya down on his dick. He could feel her radiant energy like that of burning wildfire. Arya started to bounce on Joffrey and his pulsations increased. He returned to her breasts and gently squeezed them until her nipples were solid. They returned to their kissing. Arya’s bouncing increased with his pulsations. Then when they were bathed in sweat, Joffery came in a desperate groan.

Arya ignored all the wetness and stepped off Joffrey while his staff still watched.

“Until next time then?”

“Come here again and you die!”

“When I come here again you can have this!” said Arya slapping her wet ass. She then proceeded to walk out of the court and back into the city.

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