Three Reasons To Watch Your Makers

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The production of any new product can be troublesome, or at least that’s been my observation after ten years in the industry. You can expect to spend hours putting out fires, both literal and figurative: and it doesn’t necessarily get better when your merchandise is mature.

Even then you will always have a small and troublesome failure rate. Some of this might be on account of your staff’s complacency, instruction mistakes, or still undiscovered design flaws.

The traditional framework for handling this mess is the same thing that it has always been, documentation. Some people have been known to believe that if you sign off on each step, then the quality must be assured. It must then be even better if someone else checks your work.

That is great in theory, but lousy in practice. I’ve worked in the business long enough to understand human nature. Even your best people will be lazy and inept sometimes when they check off the box. Sometimes it’s not even their fault. Plans change and every change isn’t always an improvement.

It is for this reason alone that it is time for the production industry to steal a trick from the construction industry. For awhile the construction industry been in the business of time-lapse photography.

The benefits of photography are:


Anyone with any literary skill will say that a picture contains a thousands words. Quality assurance documents can and often are long and tedious pieces. It is this length that only invites mistakes, oversights, or outright fraud. Quality video recordings can’t be easily altered. Well done professional photographs can even capture the status of the production and the time elapsed to reach that step.


It is really irrelevant what business you are in. Everyone enjoys a good show, and that is true for potential clients and customers alike. Give them a good show on your site and they will come back for more. They might even buy your product.


This last part is for the platinum members of Medium. Would the rest of you please leave and come back prosperous.

Okay, their gone!

I’m aware that affluence gives people many more options. You can purchase novelties that you don’t need, and only because it is beautiful and shiny. You can also make absurd demands of your clients on account of your assets.

If you can do that, they why not ask for a personalized photo journey of the construction of your latest gizmo.

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